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Modern friendly Chiropractic care

Ulladulla Health and Wellness

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Ulladulla Health and Wellness

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Ulladulla Health and Wellness

Ulladulla Health and Wellness’s aim is to improve and achieve better health for its patients through our extensive knowledge of spinal and peripheral orthopaedics and its association with the human nervous system.

Through our friendly expertise, we aim to accurately identify the cause of your problem not just alleviate your symptoms.

Modern friendly Chiropractic care

Back and Neck Pain

Shoulder Pain

Head Ache

Sporting injuries

Pre-natal and post natal musculoskeletal care

We have HICAPS facilities on-site, allowing you to claim your private health fund rebates instantly.

Consultation and Examinations

As Chiropractors we treat a wide variety of spinal and peripheral orthopeadic injuries.

Postural Training and re-education

At Ulladulla Health and Wellness we use methods of sensory motor retraining and stimulation of the brain and body to improve your static and dynamic posture.

Core Stabilisation

A contentious issue amongst modern researchers, at Ulladulla Health and Wellness we actively use core stability and spinal rehabilitative techniques

Soft Tissue therapy and Stretching

These techniques are directed at muscles with the presence of scar tissue and/or changes in resting tone.


Certain conditions require further assessment like in cases where visualisation of your injury or condition (via X-ray, MRI or ultrasound) is required.

Sports Injuries

Jordan Maloney has a long history of helping people get back into the water or on the field in their respect sport.
Over the years he has seen many patients with surfing and golf based injuries. So if you need help get in touch

Why People Come To Us?

There are a number of reasons that people walk into Ulladulla Health and Wellness. The biggest reason being some kind of pain or symptom associated of a back, neck, and shoulder or leg injury. Some people come to see us not because they have a symptom, but because they wish to prevent problems from occurring before their body triggers a pain response to the various changes in load that activities of daily living place on their body. Preventative health care is fast becoming more recognised as it is much easier to prevent pain or injury rather than rectify an existing ailment or condition. This is why when you visit us we may ask questions about your health and diet that may seem unrelated to your condition.


patients come to us for help with:


Back and Neck Pain

Head ache


Arm pain and Shoulder injury

Hip and Groin pain

Poor posture

Knee pain


Overuse syndromes

Sporting injuries

Arm and leg pins and needles or numbness

Pregnancy related back, neck and leg pain.

Dizziness and vertigo

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